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If you do not feel a thumb safety is needed, then S&W can accommodate your preferences. The M&P45 Shield can be had either way: thumb safety or no thumb safety. It is also available for a reasonable list price of under $500. You know your local gun shop will have it for less than that. It’s worth every dollar.

The barrel on the Model 327 actually looks shorter than it is due to the shorter .357 Mag cylinder. There is a gap between the front of the cylinder and the frame. Since N-Frames were originally made for longer-rimmed cartridges like the .44 Special, the barrel is set back into the frame to meet the shorter cylinder, creating the illusion of a very short barrel. The Model 327’s sights consist of a dovetailed front ramp and a rear groove along the top of the frame. This setup proved fast on target and was made for close-quarters work.

The differences among the many polymer carry guns are nuanced, but the Shield has set itself apart with its thin profile, solidly constructed sights, ease of operation, optional thumb safety and affordable price.

We started with some benchrest shooting to get acclimated to the M&P10s and get our dope. It soon became clear that these rifles could be pushed hard. Our targets were white 18-by-18-inch steel plates, and two triangles set in an hourglass shape were spray-painted on each target. With my spotter, . Brezny, a distinguished long-range shooter and hunter in his own right, at my back, it was easy to shoot groups on the 400-yard targets. Then we moved to shooting mats for some prone shooting out to 500 yards. Again, it was easy to tag these targets with some help from a Caldwell wind meter. Fully loaded with the scope and bipod, the M&P10 LE came close to 10 pounds, so the felt recoil was negligible. It didn’t take long for us students to build our confidence and start pounding steel out to 600, 700, 800, 900 and 1,000 yards.

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Dick Metcalf and historian Roy Jinks review the evolution of the Smith & Wesson compact revolver from the Model 1… more »

The Smith & Wesson Model 10 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:

The Russian model had a large knuckle at the top of the backstrap to rest over the web of the shooter’s hand, a severely angled grip, a round bottom, a lanyard ring and a most distinctive triggerguard spur. Russian barrel lengths ranged from 51⁄2 to 8 inches with Second and Third Models generally offered in 7- and 61⁄2-inch lengths, respectively. According to S&W historian Roy Jinks in his book 125 Years with Smith & Wesson, total Model 3 production in all variations reached 250,820 by 1912.

Wesson & Smith Hard WestWesson & Smith Hard WestWesson & Smith Hard WestWesson & Smith Hard West