Xerxes the dark dim

[Footnote: ''M. Dieulafoy has set up the bithan (apadana, the great banqueting-hall or throne-room) in the museum of the Louvre, where one can now see the remains of the marble pavement, of the hall of the feast.'' (New Biblical Guide, vol 7, p. 359, Rev. John Urquhart) ]

Laughable Lyrics : A Fourth Book of Nonsense Poems, Songs, Botany, Music, etc. by Edward Lear, 1894. Distributed Proofreaders public domain HTML edition, 2004.

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Said he who caught the Mouse to him who caught the Muffin,—
"We might cook this little Mouse, if we only had some Stuffin'!
If we had but Sage and Onion we could do extremely well;
But how to get that Stuffin' it is difficult to tell!"

Once he had regenerated, the Doctor suffered delirium, mumbling random things from his adventures, and was physically exhausted. He was put in sickbay, where medical officer Harry Sullivan kept watch on him. However, the Doctor managed to outwit him and get to his TARDIS to leave. ( TV : Robot )

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Sometimes when you kill the bottle, you kill the fragrance. Too bad for such an extraordinary perfume with impressive love/hate rate (see above). Almost no dislikes, except those in the house of Guerlain. I bought the original version last time one year ago, and the stopper was already plastic, not the bakelite one (I still keep it) from the first edition. But it was not a big deal comparing to what they have done recently to the packaging and the juice. Guerlain becomes the word for shame in perfume business.

First 15 minutes are just too intense to the point of the smell being just unpleasant, then it becomes... something different. Like it a lot but defeinitely test it before you blind buy it

Xerxes The Dark DimXerxes The Dark Dim