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The boundary stelae of years 4 and 5 mark the boundaries of the new city and suggest that the move to the new city of Akhetaten occurred around that time. The new city contained several large open-air temples dedicated to the Aten . Nefertiti and her family would have resided in the Great Royal Palace in the centre of the city and possibly at the Northern Palace as well. Nefertiti and the rest of the royal family feature prominently in the scenes at the palaces and in the tombs of the nobles . Nefertiti's steward during this time was an official named Meryre II . He would have been in charge of running her household. [5] [12]

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early 15c., "partner," from Middle French consort "colleague, partner, wife" (14c., Old French consorte ), from Latin consortem (nominative consors ) "partner, comrade; wife, brother, sister," noun use of adjective meaning "having the same lot, of the same fortune," from com- "with" (see com- ) + sors "a share, lot" (see sort (n.)). Sense of "husband or wife" ("partner in marriage") is 1630s in English.

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A Broken Consort The Shape LeavesA Broken Consort The Shape LeavesA Broken Consort The Shape LeavesA Broken Consort The Shape Leaves