Various space holidays vol. 1

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These are holidays that are not traditionally marked on calendars. These holidays are celebrated by various groups and individuals. Some promote a cause, others recognize historical events not officially recognized, and others are "funny" holidays celebrated with humorous intent. For example, Monkey Day is celebrated on December 14, International Talk Like a Pirate Day is observed on September 19, and Blasphemy Day is held on September 30. Another example April Fool's Day on April 1. Various community organizers and marketers promote odd social media holidays .

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Cohousing  is a way of living which consciously brings individuals and families together to share common aims and activities, while also enjoying their own self-contained accommodation and personal space. Communities are a means of compensating for the alienating effects of modern life, where neighbours don’t recognise each other and where day-to-day collaboration is minimal. They offer particular benefits for children in terms of secure play-space and shared activities with their peers. Older people can also find companionship and mutual support.

Fixer Upper Sneak-Peek: Chip and Jo help a young couple with three daughters find the space they need and the traditional design they crave.

Various Space Holidays Vol. 1Various Space Holidays Vol. 1Various Space Holidays Vol. 1Various Space Holidays Vol. 1