Cut up boys the mash up mix

UPDATE: If you want to purchase a stainless steel false bottom rather than use the braid I describe below, you need one that is 10-12 inches in diameter (measure your cooler first, the one from Home Depot can fit the 12 inch).  One of the best deals I’ve found is from ($31 compared to $40 elsewhere).  I have actually switched to this myself, and I absolutely love it. My Igloo fits the 10 inch.  It’s a great filter, and it also doesn’t get displaced when stirring or get damaged over time.  In this case, you still need to purchase everything below except the cable ties, but only the following parts from above: Watts A-294 (get two instead of one), A-786, A-760, the ball valve, and fender washers).  If you do the math, you save about $17 in misc. brass parts, and replace that with a $31 stainless false bottom and a bit of 3/8″ ID clear hose.  Only a $13 difference makes this a lot more reasonable than I thought when I first was looking around!  If you decide to continue with the stainless braid from the supply line, that’s fine too.  The rest of the parts are below for either method.

Cut Up Boys The Mash Up MixCut Up Boys The Mash Up MixCut Up Boys The Mash Up MixCut Up Boys The Mash Up Mix