Madonna & otto von wernherr - cosmic climb

Reception Though all that had been released of the album were the first thirteen of its early demo leaks, some outlets praised the effort. Critic Roger Friedman said in an article on his website , "Madonna's leaked album may be her best", further stating, "I can't really review an unfinished album that's come out unofficially. But if this [is] the work in progress, then Madonna's on the right road." [190] Billboard likened the demo of "Unapologetic Bitch" to Rihanna's 2012 album, Unapologetic . [191]

Otto Von Wernherr is a German singer. He was born in Heidelberg under the name Ottheinrich Werner. Today, he's best known for working on some of his songs with singer-songwriter Madonna , before her solo career. [1] In 1981, due to financial difficulties, Madonna did backing vocals on three songs of the singer: " Cosmic Climb ", " We Are the Gods " and " Wild Dancing ". [2] After Madonna became known, Otto reworked the three songs, leaving the backing vocals more evident and re-released them with Madonna's photo on the cover.

He became good friends with his cousins, Lothar and Manfred von Richthofen, and he hunted game at the estate with them regularly. By the end of his teens he had become an established hunter and horse rider – interests which remained with him for the rest of his life. He enjoyed being outdoors and, while still at school, opted to apply for a commission in the German Army (rather than choose an academic career). [5]

The Madonna and Child probably was intended for private devotion. The diminutive coat–of–arms in the lower left corner identifies the patron as a member of the wealthy Nuremberg mercantile family of Haller von Hallerstein.

Madonna & Otto Von Wernherr - Cosmic ClimbMadonna & Otto Von Wernherr - Cosmic ClimbMadonna & Otto Von Wernherr - Cosmic ClimbMadonna & Otto Von Wernherr - Cosmic Climb