Various plastic bomb #65

December 18, 1995
An Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employee discovers a plastic drum packed with ammonium nitrate and fuel oil in a parking lot behind the IRS building in Reno, Nev. The device failed to explode a day earlier when a three-foot fuse went out prematurely. Ten days later, tax protester Joseph Martin Bailie is arrested. Bailie is eventually sentenced to 36 years in federal prison, with a release date of 2027. An accomplice, Ellis Edward Hurst, is released in 2004.

“As he crossed toward the pharmacy at the corner he involuntarily turned his head because of a burst of light that had ricocheted from his temple, and saw, with that quick smile with which we greet a rainbow or a rose, a blindingly white parallelogram of sky being unloaded from the van—a dresser with mirrors across which, as across a cinema screen, passed a flawlessly clear reflection of boughs sliding and swaying not arboreally, but with a human vacillation, produced by the nature of those who were carrying this sky, these boughs, this gliding façade.”

Because UE occurs at relatively low power levels, the use of this detection method prior to the outbreak of hostilities can be difficult, as it may be necessary to overfly hostile territory to find signals of usable intensity [5] .

In practical terms, chemical rockets require about 16 tons of fuel to place one ton of payload into orbit. To reach the Moon, that works out to 1,000 tons of fuel for every ton of payload. That's the reason manned spacecraft are so cramped, carry limited crews, and are made out of extremely lightweight aerospace alloys. It's also the reason the Apollo missions started off with a ship the size of a skyscraper and came back with a scorched capsule the size of a garden shed.

Sustainable Palm oil, Coconut oil, Aqua, Goats milk powder, Kaolin clay.
No nasty stuff just good quality natural ingredients.

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Various Plastic Bomb #65Various Plastic Bomb #65Various Plastic Bomb #65Various Plastic Bomb #65