Pulp the sisters ep.

This is the year of the King. Even though the adaptation of Stephen King’s  The Dark Tower  was a disappointment, it looks as if  IT  is going to be a nightmare, not to mention we still have Netflix’s  Gerald’s Game  to look forward to.

Chloroform scenes involve the assailant placing a cloth over the victim's nose and mouth. The cloth usually contains an anesthetic which renders the victim unconscious.

Cali Carter - Roommate Wrestling
Cali is a huge wrestling fan but her roommate Lucas thinks it’s totally fake. After some trash talking, she decides to show him that there’s nothing fake about her moves. Unfortunately, he’s got that pesky physical strength thing happening and ends up winning their wrestling match. She may have a boyfriend but she’d never tap out on a good dicking.

Pulp The Sisters EP.Pulp The Sisters EP.Pulp The Sisters EP.Pulp The Sisters EP.