Babyshambles down in albion

Ever the patriot, Amy has recorded a version of a modern Scottish folk classic, Caledonia. She’s heard that Paolo Nuttini has sung the song live, but Amy doesn’t care. The song moves her. And that’s all she wants from songs, whether other people’s or ones she’s written herself. That’s what Travis did to her all those years ago, and what – on a good night – Pete Doherty can do to her now.

It’s no coincidence that one of the most affecting songs on Amy Macdonald’s debut album is the trumpet-laden, atmospheric Let’s Start A Band: a simple song, sung brilliantly, roaring powerfully in her ears and in the head, about how magic it is to love a band, follow a band, be in a band. When you’re a teenager, that’s all that matters.

However, recognition, at least critically, came for the La's in 1990 when the self-titled album, The La's , was released. The album reached No. 30 in the UK charts and received a Silver certification, but the album did not fare as well overseas. The album only reached No. 196 on the Billboard 200 and to date has sold fewer than 50,000 copies in the . [ citation needed ]

In February 2007 Lazareanu announced that she will collaborate with Sean Lennon and Pete Doherty on a cover of Bob Dylan's " Girl from the North Country ". [10]

Babyshambles Down In AlbionBabyshambles Down In AlbionBabyshambles Down In AlbionBabyshambles Down In Albion