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      Hello .. Welcome to the Home of Club 80-90         Here's a little about us:     We are called Club 80-90 because the T25 was mainly made from 1980-1990, although some were registered before, and some after. We are a large group of enthusiasts; most of us have the bug for camping and/or attending the VW show scene, whilst others just come here to find parts, help etc. There are members from all over the world, so someone somewhere is always close at hand if you need any advice, assistance, or just for a chat and a cuppa. International assistance with long-distance phone calls and sending of parts is not unknown! We have the young and the old, families with lots of children (turning up in two campers), families with a few children, couples and single people. From 0-90 all are welcome, although we do ask that you are over 18 years to post on the forums! Pets are welcome too, although there may be restrictions at organised events or campsites - this is beyond our control.           There are some very long-term memberships and some very short ones! Don't panic if there seem to be some in-jokes - you'll understand after you have been around a while....and if you need to know sooner just ask!!! Believe us, someone will be keen to spill the beans! The other thing to note is that there is no committee, no elections, and NO FEES! Don't ask when the club nights are, because there aren't any! If you want one in your area....then it's up to you to organise it by asking on the forums if anyone would like to come along! In a similar manner, we don't as a club organise any camping rallies, we leave that to any member that wants to organise a weekend away. Families, couples and single people all mix in and have fun weekends. There is a section in the members only area dedicated to shows and events and weekends away! Keep an eye in there if you want to meet peeps in person! Organised national public shows are a different matter - where possible we have dedicated members that contact the show organisers to book an 80-90 camping area. Bookings for that show are then made through the co-ordinators. Sounds complicated? Fear not - when such an event occurs booking instructions will be posted on the forum! But it does mean you will be camped with fellow won't have to go looking for them!           If you click on the Forum link above you will find several forums....from general chat which is the best place to introduce yourself, to specialised forums for camper conversions, alternative engines and fuels! If you've got a T25 question - chances are the answer is there....and if its not....ask away, someone is bound to know, or know where to get the answer!           Registering with the forum and club membership:     Registering with the forum, is NOT the same as joining the club, some forum users are NOT members of the club, some club members dont use the forums!!! Before you fill in the membership form , we thought it would help if we provided a little more detail about how the forums work. As we said earlier, it is an internet based club. While some members have offered contact details for assistance, in the first instance you are likely to add a post, and wait for those in the know to answer. A digital camera is handy, for posting images. As they say, pictures speak a thousand words! You will need a photohosting account too, but more on that in the downloads page. Some of our members joined simply because they had a technical problem - if that's you, Welcome! But be warned, you may soon start to appreciate the particular brand of friendship and club atmosphere, and get chatting elsewhere around the forums... (Please note: as a precaution, there is a minimum age limit for posting on the forums).           Oh - just thought we ought to mention - you don't have to have a T25 to join! If you are looking to buy one of these delightful, fun and highly reliable (for a 25 year old vehicle) there is loads of advice, and someone may even come and look at one with you. See the downloads section for a pdf document containing some member's comments on purchasing these vehicles! Apart from the General Tech Advice forum (please first read any Announcements at the top), there are several more specific forums for Alternative Fuels (. LPG), Alternative Engines, Modifications and Campers, so please try to target the right one for a quick and helpful answer. Then there is the Syncro forum ... quite a few newcomers don't know that VW made about 35,000 4WD T25/T3s during the period from '85 to '92 from pick-ups right through to full Westy camper models. The Syncro forum is for those owners, but anyone can dip in and out to catch the flavour of their particular brand of off-road chat and to see what the Syncronauts are up to.           Technical help:     Another feature of our forums is our continually expanding 80-90 Wikipedia which is an on-line T25 technical resource built by club members. It has now become one of the first places owners look for answers to all sorts of issues, from how to drill a bolt out to where they might purchase a particular fabric for their camper's curtains! We hear it's visited by VW T3 owners the world over... Its always worth a quick search before posting your question, just in case it's a question that has been answered before.           The logo on the top of the forum takes you to the 80-90 website and there is a link to the Syncronauts website on the menubar above. They're a club formed originally from 80-90 members with Syncros that wanted to meet and drive off-road, run events etc, so had to affiliate to the MSA, thus have their own committee. Most are 80-90 full members and the Syncro forum is where they tend to meet up on-line. All this and it's FREE to join. You could even get discounts from various suppliers just by having a membership number - find out more inside! Please join us in being one of the biggest enthusiasts' forums of the T25 on the internet. You won't be disappointed...... and you only have to say hello.           Eco Package Servage is making a strong effort to be an ecologically efficient company, thus trying to reduce amounts of waste, using environment friendly materials, minimizing power consumption {L_SKIP}

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Various Club It 90 - Volume OneVarious Club It 90 - Volume OneVarious Club It 90 - Volume OneVarious Club It 90 - Volume One