T-connection any way you want it

No worries Amy. I didn’t mind your question at all and was not offended by it. Thanks for all your kind words, I am very touched!! I’m glad you’re enjoying Lust. God bless you too. Regards.

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I leave my name and Email adress to be advise when the Funcube Pro + will be avilable for order and never received any feedback
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If a  RS485  driver is idle then what ? The line is disconnected from the driver in its idle state which means that the + and - are floating. What happens if for an instant there appears a differential voltage of more than Volts? Well a differential greater than is considered a signal and hence constitutes data noise. Solve this problem by pulling the lines to no voltages when they are idle. To do this connect them to ground or some other voltage using pull up/pull down resistors. Nice vendors include this. Nicer vendors provide a choice of biasing resistors selected by switches/jumpers. The reason you might not always use the same value is that the cumulative effect of many device's biasing resistors may make it impossible to signal at all. How do you calculate the value of a biasing resistor ? How would you know where to connect it ? Good luck getting answers to these questions. An easier question to answer is this: How do you know if you need to bias the idle state ? If you have a scope you can see what the idle state floating voltages are ? Don't forget you can only measure this when the device is idle.

T-Connection Any Way You Want ItT-Connection Any Way You Want ItT-Connection Any Way You Want ItT-Connection Any Way You Want It