Eazy-e - only if you want it/neighborhood sniper

Bruce sorta knew Carlin from previous shows, but he couldn't have known that he was now sitting next to the man who would take up his torch one day. So upon learning what his fan and compatriot had gone down for, he looked Carlin in the eye and ... called him a schmuck . Carlin had apparently made quite the impression, because according to Penn Jillette , a tape exists of Bruce talking about the "asshole kid" who got arrested with him that night. Don't mistake Bruce's vulgarity for malice; it was Bruce who eventually got Carlin his first agent. In the '60s, being called an asshole by Lenny Bruce was the best thing that could happen to you.

In the late '90s, Savidge, a white filmmaker, wandered into the middle of all of this. He began interviewing affiliates for a documentary that would later inform the Straight Outta Compton screenplay. Released shortly after 9/11, the documentary, Welcome to Death Row , has shipped hundreds of thousands of copies and has been widely shown over the years on cable networks including Starz and Fuse.

Of course, a lot has changed in three decades. America has an African-American president; Cosby no longer is so beloved (nor lecturing rap stars on how to behave). Yet a lot has stayed the same. There's still police brutality and race riots; Tom Cruise is developing a Top Gun sequel. But the world has changed enough, it seems, that a major Hollywood studio could decide to spend $29 million on a film about a musical group that once rapped in favor of violence against the police and wrote songs with titles like "One Less Bitch." Somewhere between the '80s and the 2010s, went from being public enemy No. 1 to marketable mainstream entertainment in multiplexes in every neighborhood in the country.

The funeralgoers started fidgeting at our presence. The police looked up too. We were then struck by a bit of sanity: That LAPD probably wouldn't dedicate four officers to stand watch over Eazy's grave.

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A lot of like people are like, “Jason, where do you get the pain?” I’m like, “My lights have been off.” I’ve got some stories to tell and acting was a way I could express myself and not feel stupid. I fell in love with that.

I think it’s wrong just because I’m a black man I get jacked by the police. Now don’t get me wrong, there seems to be 90 % bad police and 10 % good police. But why do the 90 % have to mess things up for 10 %? I think blacks seems to be stereotyped by the police, so when you get stopped for a traffic ticket you’ll most probably be slammed down on the street corner like you robbed a bank.

“She knew that I was a guy who wasn’t afraid to get in my feelings, I wasn’t afraid to go there when it was time to go there,” Mitchell said. “That’s what she needed. Sometimes you need those guy who aren’t afraid to bring the tears out, who aren’t afraid to hug each other.”

 · Back in September, on the set of the biopic Straight Outta Compton, cameras rolled in the parking lot of the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium as actors ...

Eazy-E - Only If You Want It/Neighborhood SniperEazy-E - Only If You Want It/Neighborhood SniperEazy-E - Only If You Want It/Neighborhood SniperEazy-E - Only If You Want It/Neighborhood Sniper