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Strangely, the first album by this duo came out on Ninja Tune but this one is on Youngbloods. I'm not sure what happened between but the 'Tune are missing a trick with this a beautiful drift of an album that more than lives up to their much loved debut. The tone throughout is a kind of ghostly take on jazz and bossa nova influenced songwriting. Things are kept sparse with just the nylon struck guitar patterns of Richard Ellis underpinning Sheila Ellis's Ella Fitzgerald like vocal inflections. The duo stretch into understated sampledelia on the title track, a cinematic piece with the sort of David Lynch like atmosphere's that should ensure an appearance on the latest Twin Peaks soundtrack. 

In recent years, the band's work has been critical of British politician Nick Clegg , with the 2013 song Coalition Government Blues describing the Liberal Democrats ' leader as "liking his perks". The band's 2015 album Yellow Leader was widely suspected of referring to Clegg, with yellow being the official colour of his political party.

Last word to the boys – “Loved by our fans, and converting people gig by gig. The most honest thing to say is that we try our best!”

Crass' first release was The Feeding of the 5000 (an 18-track, 12" 45 rpm EP on the Small Wonder label) in 1978. Workers at the record-pressing plant refused to handle it due to the allegedly blasphemous content of the song "Asylum", [34] [35] and the record was released without it. In its place were two minutes of silence, entitled "The Sound of Free Speech". This incident prompted Crass to set up their own independent record label , Crass Records , to prevent Small Wonder from being placed in a compromising position and to retain editorial control over their material. [36]

Kärnvapen Attack As a band, Mob 47 fully represent everything us Swedes mean when we use the word Mangel … [ more ]

UK Subs The Punk Is BackUK Subs The Punk Is BackUK Subs The Punk Is BackUK Subs The Punk Is Back