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Rosenfeld, whose credits include HBO’s How to Make It in America and King of the Jungle , is working on Baz Luhrmann’s Netflix series The Get Down . Franklin, Common, Krantz and Rosenfeld are all repped by CAA. Franklin is also repped by attorney John Meigs at Hansen Jacobsen.

    1. I see him, unattainable from where I sit . His eyes the color of melted chocolate, burning deep with desire He kisses her, his lips melting away into her skin. I can feel myself oozing, the heat of the day has no mercy on me. I want to reach out to touch him, to take what should be mine from him. She's reaching down now, her hand gliding against his erect shaft. I want to taste him, to know what his cock feels like slamming against the back of my throat. I want to please him, let him use me. She is my roommate, I hear her moans, little noises begging for more. I despise her for what she has. "Can you please just close the door?" I feel myself suddenly blurt out. Her eyes catch mine and she allows her lips to curve in the most seductive way. The door slowly creaks shut. . this is where the fun begins. I lift myself from the couch and cautiously walk to her room, listening. Moans escaping her throat, the sound of gagging. Here I sit, lusting him.

    1. First off THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY ROOM!!!! Everyone here is more then welcome to freely express their sexual desires (as long as its not something illegal kay - no pedos) . I am a frisky 19 year old with some BIG dreams. I love to read, write, draw and paint. I am a wise and creative soul (although my video making skills are just horrific). To my regulars, we really do become friends. Thank you Sinner, Kos, Liquid (aka chuck Norris), dragon_party, Zack and of course the many others who make this room what it is. I am here to support a lot of things, not just paying my bills though. I am a college student and with every tip you are helping me fight debt!!!! YAY NO DEBT!!!!! I also take care of some family members who are very sick and cannot afford assistance from a healthcare company for aid. I am very driven and truly a unique, caring and generous human being. I strive for honesty in this room if I cant do something I will tell you , and most of the time I will refund you if needed. If you are looking to become my daddy there are a few things you need to know about having me as your sub. I enjoy being pampered and spoiled as much as I enjoy pleasing you . Join my monthly thingy, get my dig# and let me please u.
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White picked off a pass intended for Gronkowski and fell to the ground during the catch. As he was lying facedown, Gronkowski slammed into him.

I got the same response from Browning. They discontinued the gold line so they pretty much say buy a new Browning or fix the dura-touch problem yourself. Will fix myself but never buy Browning again.

This location is hit or miss. They ask you when they come to the table to give them 5stars and they will give you free chipotle fries. The fries are GREAT however, after giving the review the server disappears and isn't so attentive after the 5 star rating. Good thing you can edit your post :) The food is really good but the service is mediocre - so if all your concerned about is the food then come here! If you're expecting great service I would pass on this location. There are other locations that are more attentive and don't market the 5 star review. If you have to ask for 5 Stars that's already a clue to how you may be treated once submitted. I've been here a couple times and the food is ok. It's a pretty large place located right next door to islands. I've never had to wait for a table even coming during the weekend for dinner. It's not that this place isn't busy, there's just a lot of seating. Seating is indoors and outdoors, if you're bringing your pup then you'll be on the patio. The menu has a bit of everything and not just food wise. There's a good variety of alcoholic beverages. I hear there's a good happy hour during the week, I've never been but sounds like it could be worth checking out. If you're looking for an appetizer, I recommend starting with the calamari. It's different than most other restaurants, not really fried but still crispy and is served over rice. I've also tried the grilled portobello and the cheeseburger in the past. The portobello had good flavor and I'd probably order it again. The cheeseburger is hard to judge. I ordered it medium but the inside was still pretty pink and the outside of the patty was very burnt. This wouldn't have bothered me except for the fact that I could taste how burnt it was. I ended up cutting off the sides of the patty to get all the burnt parts off. The real winner is dessert. Get the butter cake. It is a soft and sweet cake wth a scoop of ice cream and so worth it. Honestly, I'd probably come here and just order that. The main point here is that the drinks and desserts are sure to be good but the food can vary. Our waiter was very nice and attentive. The portobello burger was a great lite lunch. I shared a quest dip which had fresh chips. The dip was perfect to eat in the cool afternoon. Loved the spacious outdoor seating for the dogs. The inside part was tastefully decorated and spacious. Came in for a late dinner on a Friday night, this Lazy Dog restaurant is huge and open with a spacious bar and lounge area, we chose to sit at the bar cause we wanted to watch Dodgers playoffs. Had a Moscow mule to start, hubby had a dark beer, both were delicious. The menus have gotten even bigger, they add new items all the time especially seasonal and small plates, and I like small plates so much. We ordered chicken tortilla soup, buffalo cauliflower as apps, grilled Ahi tuna and flat iron steak as entrees. Cauliflower was so delicious with extra spicy buffalo sauce, steak was so good with homemade sauce, Ahi tuna was fresh and tender but a bit bland, could've used some seasoning, the cauliflower mash was very delicious and flavorful though. I had an IPA flight and Grey Goose martini later on, they were great with my meal and S'mores dessert. The bartenders were very friendly and attentive, somehow I always like to eat at the bar at Lazy Dog restaurants cause the service is usually faster and it's much easier to watch sports too. This is the best lazy dog in my opinion, its a bit bigger than the others I've gone to and its Christmas time so its super warm and cozy. I was welcomed with a smile upon entering the restaurant and the wait time here is less than 5mins. My waiter was Gus and he was super cool, he made me feel as if we were friends in a past life lol. I love it when a waiter/waitress isn't pressuring.. His timing is good when he would check in with me. He was eager to fulfill my request and enhanced my dining experience bc customer service is a huge deal to me(Gus for Employee of the month lol). Every employee that I've came in contact with here was very friendly and the restroom was clean and stocked. They have plenty of tv's which can be seen throughout the restaurant regardless to where you sit, as well as a heated outside patio(which I love). I ordered the Nachos which were okay but I probably should have gone with the Tex-Mex Salad which is delicious by the way. Overall, I love lazy dog and would definitely be coming back sooner than later. Oddly a good place on a weekend when everywhere is busy and packed. No wait...spacious...lots of free is decent...and dogs everywhere in the patio! Ac blasting inside...ahhhh~~ I hate being hot out in the patio on summer days but I sacrifice for my 4 legged friends. Hehe Food wise, their salads seem to be good, especially the tuna one. The brunch pizza with the egg was delicious too. However the carbonara was too salty!! Their cold brew is decent, esp for . Their bloody mary was ok but a bit on the salty side and definitely not made from scratch. The servers arent allowed to pet the dogs :( They should give them a hand sanitizer and hang it on their neck so everyone can see that they use it after petting. I cant imagine loving dogs and just looking at them...ridic. Anyways this is an ok place. Being a dog mommy, I reeeally wanted to like Lazy Dog. My friend and I came here for dinner to check out the food and doggie friendliness. Dogs are allowed out on the patio. Can't speak for the happy hour or drinks since we didn't have any alcoholic beverages. Service was average. But in regards to the food, I can't put my finger on exactly what I don't like about the sorta builds up to awfulness like this: *takes bite of turkey burger* "hmm pretty bland and tasteless" *aftertaste taste buds activated* "Oh, no! There IS a taste and me no likey!" *pushes through it thinking I'd adapt* "I don't think I'd give this food to my dog." And yeah, my fries were soggy and appeared to be old. Overall, horrible food :( I figured "hey, it can't get much worse" since I really hadn't been able to eat much of my dinner. We ordered their dessert item White Chocolate Chip Brownie. Snapped the photo below once it was finally brought out to our table. Little did I know that the brownie would be dry and hard. It was an incredible let down and the final straw for me. Lazy dog might be targeting dog parents who want their best fur friend next to them while eating out, but don't expect excellent or quality food. I'm pretty sure my fur baby would put me in the dog house if I took him here. I am in LOVE! This is where I can go inside, just randomly pick something off the menu, and walk out happily ever after. Yea, a dream place. Every time I visit California, I have to come here for some comfort food before going back home! I have tried their burgers, fish and chips, soups, salad, fried rice, pasta, etc! Yea I know I only checked in on Yelp for 3 times, but I actually came here more than 10 times now. They are able to keep their quality on their food and drinks which is amazing. A lot of restaurants couldn't keep their quality for food due to the season, price, blah blah blah so many excuses. But Lazy Dog never been Lazy yall... lol My first meal there was the California Baja Burger, and I remember I loved it so much that I ate the whole thing. Two days ago when I went there, I had that again! After a year, it's still the same taste or even better! (Couldn't finish it this time tho cause I had an extra coleslaw...HUGE LOVE FOR THEIR COLESLAW!) The environment there is great. Mostly probably because of the tall ceiling that makes it so open and nice. Also seatings are really spaced out! Won't touch anyone's chair even if you push your chair all the way out. And because the ceiling (Boy I guess I love high ceiling huh) the sound won't trap in the building so even someone talks loud, it won't be as major to you and won't annoy you as much. Which makes us talk comfortably and don't need to worry about other listening or we have to talk louder to cover them. I like that environment there! Never felt discomfort or annoyed! I actually might feel more relaxed going there... NICE. Oh the waiters and waitresses are good. Not a lot to talk about the staff if they are doing their fair job. I guess I never had bad experience with any one there that's it. I won't rate them if there's nothing really special.(Over the top good or terrible bad type) oh. Which brings the point that I can fully enjoy my meal there and be in the moment with whoever I was with! Which is actually nice! Cause you don't want them to be over caring that you keep stopping your conversation because they want to make sure your food every 2 minutes. lol Yea. I like everything in Lazy Dog! I do recommend this restaurant to whoever want GOOD food! Well, I know a lot of restaurants are better than them but for the whole experience in there, I think I LOVE this place more than any "better" food places. You can always find better food, but you can't always find a relaxing place that have good food AND good everything! GO! (Recommend their strawberry lemonade too just fyi!) Came late Friday night and got a table right away. The atmosphere is nice and cozy almost like a cabin inside. Our service was quick and everyone was super friendly we didn't really have any issues or problems. I came with some girlfriends and we ordered a picture of the peach wine and it was enough for each of us to have two glasses. I also ordered the small plate of macaroni cheese and it filled me up but it was just the right portion for me. The server accidentally charge my credit card twice and she came and apologized so many times I didn't find it a big deal I knew she was going to fix it but she was super concerned and her professionalism was very on point. My very first time every trying a lazy dog restuarant and it was a pleasant experience. I sat at the bar and the service was fantastic. I do have to admit even though it was packed the service was very fast. I ordered fish tacos, could have had more flavor in the batter and less garnishes but was overall yummy. Black beans wete good and so was the rice even though it was little cold. My overall experience was good. Btw the bartenders sure do know how to make drinks! Delicious lol Lazy Dog is one of my go to places for brunch & happy hour. Being a dog parent it's tough to find dog friendly restaurants in North OC. My husband and I go with our babies, Thor and Loki, whenever we feel like brunching with the pups. We always have great food and service. Lazy dog or lazy people! This place is always a great spot you can count on. This particular location has a cool outdoorsy feel to it if you sit on the west side behind the hostess station. It almost feels like you are in the woods or in the mountains if you squint your eyes enough. Seriously, the windows and the trees are a nice touch and definitely nice if you are on date night. We came to do some Black Saturday shopping at the brea mall and Lazy Dog is on the outskirts. If you start to feel famished, stop in for a bite and a drink. The menu has many options, pizza, burgers, stir fry, fish and chips, steak and fish. We got a pizza and the fish and chips. The pizza was amazing! Best I've had in a while. Fish and chips were good but nothing to write Boston about. Customer service was good and they have complementary valet. Can't beat that! Come in and be lazy :) This is a great spot for lunch! The lunch specials are a good deal. I normally get the half house club sandwich and caesar salad with fries and it always fills me up. The house club is delicious. The sourdough bread is fresh, they don't hold back on the avocado and the turkey is super yummy. All of their food is freshly prepared and you can tell by the taste. Their servers are friendly and the prices are fair. Parking can be a bit of a hassle because of the other restaurants nearby and they are kind of tight spots. (42/100) You just can't beat the customer service at this Lazy Dog. It's become one of my favorite places here in Brea. Well done! I love love love their wok fired calamari. I usually come here about once a month for happy hour dates with my girlfriend. Just a note - you can only order from the happy hour menu if you sit in the bar or patio. They have so many things to choose from - pizza, hummus, fries, edamame, ahi tuna, beer, cocktails, etc. all at a decent price. We usually order the cajun fries to split, as well as two 22oz blonde ales, I get the calamari, and she gets the nachos. The service is always great and I love the menu variety. 6/13/2017 - Greatest service we've ever received! Our servers were Kellie and Eric (breaker). They were hospitable, funny & quick. They gave honest opinions about all of our menu choices which we really appreciated. Food Ordered: -Corn Chowder: New item! Creamy, flavorful, chunky -Turkey Meatballs: 6 pieces, cheesy -Fried Chicken Dinner: Large plate. Good flavor. Heavy breading -Fettuccine Alfredo: Added broccoli. Good size plate. Saucy enough. Parking: Small parking lot but I always find parking Staff: Always super friendly Being both a dog lover and a foodie I have tried almost every item on the Lazy Dog menu, and can't help but to go back for more! Here's my top three faves: 1. The Hummus Trio: Yelp does not offer enough stars to accurately portray just how great Lazy Dog's Hummus Trio is. This appetizer comes with delicious garlic flatbread, cucumbers, tomatoes, and a trio of hummus: ft. walnut pesto, sundried tomato, and traditional hummus. (Lazy dog, if you're reading this, please bottle up this world-changing trio for store purchases - my obsession alone will fund your kids college education) 2. The Chicken Parmesan: LD's Parmesan is served with two (extremely large) chicken breasts, and is smothered in mozzarella, marinara, and fettuccine noodles. The best part? The leftovers are just as great and might just feed you for an entire week. 3. The White Chocolate Chip Brownie: Save room for dessert because this brownie will rock your world. The mouthwatering dessert is served with chocolate fudge and vanilla bean ice-cream, and will probably be the best part of your food coma. . if you're looking for something a bit sweeter, the Berry Cobbler is a close second! Mahir really took care of us tonight and I have nothing but great things to say about this place and his service! The food is great, service is prompt and today, we were seated right away! The food here is fabulous. They were super accommodating and let us order off the lunch menu cause the chicken (lunch) bowl is to die. The hamburgers are great, and my husband ordered the trout and he was very impressed. Wish there were more locations but we will definitely be back! I found out I can predict the future dining here. Let me back up and explain myself. I stopped here before heading out to LA to the Pantages for a quick dinner. It's our first time here so we mention this to our waiter, who welcomes us. A few minutes later as we are perusing the menu, the shift manager comes over and offers us some complimentary waffle potato chips as a welcome for our first dining experience here. They are delicious and garlicky. God bless the fact we had no one to kiss that night. I turn to my friend as we finish up the chips, "Wouldn't it be fucked up if they charge us for these?" She laughs, agrees, and then we think nothing of it. I order the ahi fish and the plate is the perfect portion. The fish is a little tough however, and isn't up to par with the other ahi I've had recently. Oh well. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing. The cauliflower mash was pretty good though. I almost did not miss potatoes for a brief shining moment. We get our bill and sure enough we were charged for the chips. Whoops. I was pretty meh about the whole thing. 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