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The rules for handling an intercept of a conversation between an official of the American government and the target of surveillance differ in some substantial ways from those used for average citizens. The recording would be deemed “raw FISA-acquired material,’’ some of the NSA’s most highly classified information. Then that recording or a transcript of it would be read into one of the four surveillance programs codenamed RAGTIME. There are RAGTIME-A, -B, -C, and -P. Most likely, according to one former government official with ties to the intelligence community, the conversation would have been analyzed through RAGTIME-B, which relates to communications from a foreign territory into the United States (the Russian embassy is considered sovereign land of that country). The conversation could not have fallen under RAGTIME-A, because that involves only foreign-to-foreign communications. RAGTIME-C deals with anti-proliferation matters and RAGTIME-P is for counterterrorism. (This is the infamous warrantless wiretapping program, with “P” standing for the post-9/11 law, the Patriot Act.)

#7470 is the very first locomotive that Conway Scenic owned and operated, and we know that it has a special place in the hearts of many who come to ride on our railroad.  After completion of the required work, we expect to see it operating here for many years to come.

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Since 2000, downtown Conway has seen tens of millions of dollars in public and private investment. The revitalization has brought new retail, office, restaurant and residential construction to the historic downtown.

Russ Lanoie has been a private contractor in the White Mountains of New Hampshire for over 35 years. He specializes in soil and water issues related to buildings and property in an environment with considerable frost, snowfall, and torrential thunderstorms. Russ is a licensed septic designer/installer with extensive experience troubleshooting and repairing septic systems. He also solves wet basement problems and installs surface and subsurface land drainage and maintains dirt and gravel roads & driveways. In the process of maintaining these roads, Russ discovered a means to employ a conventional pickup truck in a unique manner that has revolutionized road maintenance for many folks in northern New England and beyond.

Russ Conway - Out Of The Rag BagRuss Conway - Out Of The Rag BagRuss Conway - Out Of The Rag BagRuss Conway - Out Of The Rag Bag