Artery - standing still e.p.

Pre-treatment with antibiotics is still recommended for people who have had endocarditis in the past. It is also recommended for people with artificial heart valves, and people who had heart transplants and later developed heart valve problems.

Sometimes the body will attempt to change the flow of blood when a portion of an artery is narrowed by plaque. Smaller arteries around the blockage begin to take over some of the blood flow. This adaptation of the body (collateral circulation) is one reason for the absence of symptoms in some people who have PAD. Another reason is that plaque develops gradually as people age. Symptoms usually don't occur until a blockage is over 70%, or when a piece of plaque breaks off and blocks an artery completely. Blockage in the legs reduces or cuts off circulation, causing painful cramping during walking, which is relieved on rest (intermittent claudication). The feet may ache even when lying down at night.

Once the saphenous vein has been recovered, the chest is opened  by making an incision  along the sternum, or breastbone.

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As of August 2011, it is not very clear how to treat vertebral artery stenosis. Medical treatment is usually the first choice. This includes cardiovascular risk factor modification. Symptomatic patients should at least be given an anti=platelet agent. Studies are being done to assess the benefit for PTA and stenting. A Cochrane database review concluded that there was not enough evidence to assess vertebral artery intervention. This review only found one small randomized trial with 16 subjects. These are risky procedures in the vertebral arteries. On the other hand, the absolute risk for transition of a stenosis into a stroke is low as shown by the trial described above .

Artery - Standing Still E.P.Artery - Standing Still E.P.Artery - Standing Still E.P.Artery - Standing Still E.P.