Double-o - double-o

AgFARMation:  Cattle have a very good memory and can see more than 300 degrees vs. humans that see 180 degrees.  Cows and humans share about 80% of their genomic make up.

Cat3, Cat5, Cat6 & Cat7
Coaxial Cable
Multi-Conductor cable
Speaker wire
Structured (composite) cable
Hookup wire
Alarm & Security

Go undercover with a license to "shake what your mama gave you" with our famous Double-O ® Collection! Our " Double-O Brief " provides maximum push-up effect with ...

There are several different rules for singular nouns ending in the letters f, fe or ff when changing them to the plural form.

Double-O - Double-ODouble-O - Double-ODouble-O - Double-ODouble-O - Double-O