Echomen thru 2 you

Regarding Christ's blood as the payment price for man's redemption Tony Garland writes that "A bloodless gospel is no gospel. Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. The redeemed of this age are “the church of God which He purchased with His own blood” [emphasis added] (Acts 20:28). Redemption provides for the forgiveness of sin—that which separates man from God—and was made possible “through His blood” [emphasis added] (Col. 1:14). This is the reason why Christ’s blood is said to be “precious” (1Pe 1:19- note ).19 See also his interesting discussion on the phrase "in His own blood" in Re 1:5- note ." ( The Testimony of Jesus Christ )

They have released singles on labels such as Hooj Choons , Forensic Records and Saw Recordings . These singles have received much play from DJs and have been featured on compilations from Global Underground 's Nubreed series as well James Zabiela's Sound in Motion . They have also made several guest mix appearances, both together and some individually, on John Digweed 's flagship progressive house radio show (today called Transitions) on Kiss FM and Proton Radio .

Echomen Thru 2 YouEchomen Thru 2 YouEchomen Thru 2 You