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We are an exclusive stockist of Wella System Professional haircare products that we use in the salon for a luxurious experience, and which are also available to purchase for home use to keep your hair in top condition. Popular in-salon services include our personalised Wella Infusions treatment which offers combination treatments that will hydrate, repair and prolong colour in your hair.

A simple sound can create a “wave” of nerve signalling in the brain. So Buonomano believes the first tone heard in each sequence altered the perception of timing between the two subsequent tones by distorting the cascade of nerve signals they generated.

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We have a large range of timing equipment timing displays, photo finish and scoreboards available for rental. Our GAZ4 and D-LINE display boards, can help make your next fun run or triathlon a professional looking event. Call us for details...   TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE
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Just imagine: information travels through our nerve fibers at a speed of 3 to 120 meters (10 to 360 feet) per second, which is very, very fast. But even that is often not enough to catch an epic moment on camera.

A robbery goes down, and after a few ill-gotten bucks are purloined, you’re on your way to a dealer’s motel room like a guppie out of water, gasping and flapping your way to a dirty puddle without a second thought, without a choice.

A Split - Second A Split Second FleshA Split - Second A Split Second FleshA Split - Second A Split Second FleshA Split - Second A Split Second Flesh