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@Pasha - I think Dior never released an EDP version of this. The website only has the EDT, and it has been reformulated gazillion times. But they released an Esprit De Parfum in 1994; and I guess it is already hard to find. If you can find a vintage one (which I luckily have), get it! Its longevity is beyond compare to those misleading "EDP" wannabes these days.

Lynch had initially begun work on a script titled Gardenback , based on his painting of a hunched figure with vegetation growing from its back. Gardenback was a surrealist script about adultery, which featured a continually growing insect representing one man's lust for his neighbor. The script would have resulted in a roughly 45-minute-long film, which the AFI felt was too long for such a figurative, nonlinear script. [6] In its place, Lynch presented Eraserhead , which he had developed based on a daydream of a man's head being taken to a pencil factory by a small boy. Several board members at the AFI were still opposed to producing such a surrealist work, but they were persuaded when Dean Frank Daniel threatened to resign if it were to be vetoed. [7] Lynch's script for Eraserhead was influenced by his reading as a film student; Franz Kafka 's 1915 novella The Metamorphosis and Nikolai Gogol 's 1836 short story " The Nose " were strong influences on the screenplay. [8] Lynch also confirmed in an interview with Metro Silicon Valley that the film "came together" when he opened up a Bible , read one verse from it, and shut it; in retrospect, Lynch could not remember if the verse was from the Old Testament or the New Testament . [9] In 2007, Lynch said "Believe it or not, Eraserhead is my most spiritual film." [10]

I get a nice Herbal,green, forest-fruit orchard type vibe (nothing DRY at all)at the top , nice classy Rose -mid ..and a nice woody background with some creamyness(vanilla/tonka) .......Classy, Masculine , mediteranean type vibe for sure ...Spring/Summer and early Fall ,perfect .

Writer/director Ted Braun follows controversial hedge fund titan Bill Ackman as he puts a billion dollars on the line in his crusade to expose Herbalife as the largest pyramid scheme in history.

Stylistically, the novel is permeated by quotations from, and speeches by its main character, Leto, to a degree unseen in any of the other Dune novels. In part, this stylistic shift is an artifact of how Herbert wrote it: the first draft was written almost entirely in the first-person narrative voice, only being revised in later drafts to insert more third-person narration of events. [2]

I spy several sets of oystercatchers in the orange afternoon, sandwiched between bigger seagulls, and spot only two other walkers on the wide beach. In the distance, I can see the small hamlet roughly three kilometres away. Dinner at Seagrass Restaurant and Bar is delicious and I trust the chef enough to ask for travel advice. ‘To me, Cape St Francis is far prettier and less commercial than St Francis Bay. Seal Point is my favourite.’ I ask about the roads. ‘Gravel is the shortest way, but it’s pretty potholed…’

Upon the Emperor's arrival to Arrakis, Paul launches a final attack against both the Harkonnen and the Emperor. His Fremen warriors, armed with weirding modules and riding sandworms, defeat the Emperor's legions of Sardaukar while Paul's sister Alia kills the Baron Harkonnen with her own Gom jabbar , who floats through a wall breach to be eaten by a sandworm. Paul faces the defeated Emperor, and avenges his family in a duel to the death with Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen. Despite Feyd's attempts to poison him with a paralyzing drug, Paul finds a weakness in Feyd's fighting style and kills him with his crysknife . After making Feyd's organs burst by screaming at his corpse without a weirding module, Paul commands rain to fall on Arrakis, Alia reveals to everyone that he is the Kwisatz Haderach.

Dune - Keep The SecretDune - Keep The SecretDune - Keep The SecretDune - Keep The Secret