Akron/family - odyssey of the mind

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It doesn’t take much to get Akron/Family to play freely. This time, their excuses are tunes-in-progress from an album-in-progress; at Music Hall of Williamsburg in March, new jams took up more than half the show. Tonight, it’s the fact that they’re the closing set of the even-freer VisionFest. They’ll be joined by bassist William Parker and drummer Hamid Drake (who added heavy levitations to 2006’s fantastic mini-LP Meek Warrior ). The tunes are Afro-psych-something, and even if Akron/Family don’t sing about love and space anymore, that’s exactly where they’re still pointed. With William Parker’s Southern Satellites and [the] Slowest Runner [in All the World].

On July 15, 2016, Son Lux appeared on stage at the Montreux Jazz Festival as a guest of Woodkid at the "Woodkid and Friends" evening. [16]

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This shit seriously makes me smile. Akron/Family 's latest single from their PMA approved S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT , “Silly Bears,” has a wonderfully unique accompanying video, directed by Matt Brunson. It's intensely psychedelic, brimming habitually with flashing neon colors, as a spaceman travels through a two dimensional odyssey, and along the way encounters a robot, a toy horse, explosions, and of course, a wad of teddy bears who emerge from cardboard boxes. Silly, and quite appropriate. There's a scuffle between the characters towards the end that's aesthetically entertaining, and by then the flashing lights will have slightly tripped you out. Watch!

Akron/Family - Odyssey Of The MindAkron/Family - Odyssey Of The Mind