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The third edition of the Stemmer Imaging machine vision technology forum in Unterschleissheim near Munich (Germany) was held with a record attendance of more than 750 vision experts and users mainly... Read More

The solution, which was provided to all aircraft already delivered at no cost, was known as Operation "Cardinal Rule" and included a series of 23 inspection, installation, and modification instructions. This Service Letter, SE68-14, consisted of modifying the stabilator to install slots just behind the leading edge (to delay the onset of stabilator stall) and installing full counterbalance (11 pounds versus the original 7 pounds) on the stabilator to eliminate the PIO problem. [6]

Prior to the liberalisation of the internal air market in the European Union (EU) during the early 1990s, Air Inter was a pillar of the French air transport industry with Air France, UTA and TAT.

The cause of PSOM is unknown. Dr. Lynette Cole reports that it is speculated to be due to a dysfunction of the middle ear or the Eustachian (auditory) tube: either (a) the increased production of mucus in the middle ear, or (b) decreased drainage of the middle ear through the auditory tube, or (c) both.

Audio Note built a small number of quite powerful amplifiers based on the large 211 triode from 1980. The Ongaku, issued circa 1989, was sold internationally more so than previous models with the help of Peter Qvortrup, then owner of Audio Innovations. It caused a quite stir partly due to its £30,000 price!

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