Various collectors #3

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Beaumont Glass Co: The Beaumont Glass Co. was located in Martins Ferry, WV, and was operated by Percy Beaumont, who was the brother-in-law of Harry Northwood and worked with Northwood. When Northwood left Martins Ferry in 1892, Beaumont stayed behind and the factory became Beaumont Glass. In 1893, Beaumont made a line of pressed glass that was referred to as “Columbia”, named after the Columbian Exposition of that year. This pattern is now referred to as “Beaumont’s Columbia”.  The original name was “No. 100 or Columbia”.

The hobby of collecting often goes hand-in-hand with an interest in the objects collected and what they represent, for example collecting postcards may reflect an interest in different places and cultures. For this reason, collecting can have educational benefits, and some collectors even become experts in their field.

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Random ML:4 Sapphire Augment (30 Cryptmoss Worm Larva, 10 Cryptmoss Worm, 5 Cryptmoss Queen)
Sapphire Augments (ML:4, Blue, Green or Purple Slot; 8 Astral Shards Each)
Natural Armor +2
Protection +2
Resistance +2
Physical Resistance +4
False Life +10
Moderate Fortification

Various Collectors #3Various Collectors #3Various Collectors #3Various Collectors #3