Marquee moon here today and gone tomorrow

While big, well-deserving names did make the list, a number of high-profile awards contenders were overlooked in the Golden Globes nominations. USA TODAY

After spending a year and a half with WCW as a heel, Cactus Jack transitioned into a fan favorite after engaging in a feud with Paul Orndorff, Harley Race and Big Van Vader. Jack and Orndorff wrestled each other in a match for a spot on WCW World Heavyweight Champion Vader's team at a Clash of the Champions event. After the match, Race and Orndorff beat up Jack. At the following Clash of Champions event, Cactus Jack helped Sting's team win the match. He engaged in a feud with Orndorff, winning a falls-count-anywhere match against Orndorff at Superbrawl III . He then moved on to face Big Van Vader.

I’m a Scorpio and reading your words last night dropped me into a terrified trigger last night, nearly instantaneously. And with just an hour of digesting/processing, I was able to engage directly with the pertinent person about it. Some shadow places I’ve never been able to engage head on, even though so many other arenas have had loving spotlight of truth shined in there. This was about perhaps being manipulative around money, charming people and super sincerely loving them, but also maybe having a thread of subtly manipulating situations to where those people gift me things, money, vehicles, etc. Not like in trade for sex .. not people I’m bedding. Just, people who I really drop in with. They often gift me pretty big things. And I’m finally ready to look there and see what I’m doing there, and be accountable for it. I grew up poor, a hyper conservative fundamentalist missionary family, who literally lived on money gifted to them for charming people and being compelling, and moving people’s hearts. Really looking here scares the begeesus out of me, cus it’s potentially a place I’m seriously out of equity.. but is immediately relevant because a new magical very powerful very deep very fast friend wants to give me money since my business took a hit (actually I took a hit, I was raped by a man I trusted, ON the #metoo Sunday, and I haven’t been functional in running my business since). I’m wary of taking the money because I want the friendship more than I want the money. But I’m also in a real bind. It’s an incredible opportunity to delve deeper in to this relationship with money and with equity, and clean out some long neglected gutters and love myself really really well. Thank you for shining your truths in a way that help me more effectively do my own work. Seriously powerful and useful stuffs you’re doing there, Chani. #Grateful #Phew #ScorpioMedicine #ThisShitsNoJoke

We believe in peace of mind, so where possible our tents are made with natural materials. What’s more, after each event we plant enough trees to compensate for any carbon released during the transit, installation and packing up process.

Electric Daisy Carnival is at once a massive group experience and a totally individualized weekend unique to each Headliner. In its more than 20-year history, the festival has facilitated countless…

 · Disneyland Signs Part 1: 1955 to 1999: Photo by Werner Weiss, 1974 When you think of the Disneyland sign, what do you visualize? It probably depends on ...

Marquee Moon Here Today And Gone TomorrowMarquee Moon Here Today And Gone TomorrowMarquee Moon Here Today And Gone TomorrowMarquee Moon Here Today And Gone Tomorrow