Hyacinth house - black crow's country

I definitely feel it paying off daily. 🙂 The cost of the door sent us quite over, but it makes such an impact in our living room / breakfast nook that EVERYONE sees all the time. Worth it!

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The seeds of some species of morning glory contain lysergic acid, which is essentially a natural form of LSD. It can cause hallucinations, disorientation, tremors, and gastrointestinal problems in both dogs and cats. Avoid planting this vining plant if you own pets, and if it’s something that’s already on your property, make sure that those seed-containing flowers don’t get ingested.

Richard Nixon: Terrier named "Pasha," poodle named "Vicky," and Irish setter named "King Timahoe"

I just took this hyacinth out from the dark today (Dec 6th). It shows an ideal shape for the stem of the hyacinth when it is ready to come out of the dark.

Supreme Surrender To all the spirits of Love that wander by Along his love-sown harvest-field of sleep My lady lies apparent; and the deep Calls to the deep; and no man sees but I. The bliss so long afar, at length so nigh, Rests there attained. Methinks proud Love must weep When Fate's control doth from his harvest reap The sacred hour for which the years did sigh. First touched, the hand now warm around my neck Taught memory long to mock desire: and lo! Across my breast the abandoned hair doth flow, Where one shorn tress long stirred the longing ache: And next the heart that trembled for its sake Lies the queen-heart in sovereign overthrow.

I sat there in stillness. The universe swirled around me as two large, warm male hands each cupped a heavy breast tenderly, eagerly.

For a splashy accent , think of the color wheel and choose complementary colors for the container and blooms. For example, peach roses make a statement when placed in a bright blue vase.

Hyacinth House - Black Crow's CountryHyacinth House - Black Crow's CountryHyacinth House - Black Crow's CountryHyacinth House - Black Crow's Country