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Superstar Lyrics: We made love in a mad embrace / Now you say you don't know my face / Superstar / You know just who you are / You tell the world you don't even know ...

D’Arcy Carden doesn’t steal scenes on The Good Place so much as she incrementally pockets laughs throughout her time on screen. The punchlines written for her character, Janet, come so frequently, precisely, and at such unorthodox angles that it isn’t apparent until afterward that she’s swept entire sequences out from under such heavyweights as Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. In that respect, Janet is similar to other second-string oddballs on other, deep-benched Michael Schur-affiliated comedies (see above: Linetti, Gina), with one key difference: Janet is a celestial artificial intelligence whose complete knowledge of the known universe helps her assist the residents of The Good Place ’s eponymous hereafter. This Siri-for-the-afterlife is endowed with an amusing depth of curiosity and soul, which broadens over the course of a first season in which she becomes increasingly more human, in spite of her insistence that she’s not. As she “dies,” reboots, and falls in love, Janet serves as a vessel for The Good Place ’s high-brow, existentialist themes; in every chipper, crisply enunciated line, Carden articulates the show’s leavening sense of high-concept goofiness. It’s okay to love Janet, because there is nothing in her protocol that will bar that from happening. [Erik Adams]

Lydia Murdock Love On The LineLydia Murdock Love On The LineLydia Murdock Love On The LineLydia Murdock Love On The Line