Differnet the next compensation

Over the years the fabled treasure has been the target of dowsers, automatic writers, clairvoyants, channelers, tarot-card readers, dream interpreters, psychic archaeologists, and assorted other visionaries and soothsayers, as well as crank inventors of devices like a “Mineral Wave Ray” and an airplane-borne “treasure smelling” machine-not one having been successful (Preston 1988, 62; O'Connor 1988, 121-136; Finnan 1997, 166-170).

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Müller M., Parkhurst ., Charlton . (2011) Programming PHREEQC Calculations with C++ and Python - A Comparative Study , In: Maxwell R., Poeter E., Hill M., Zheng C. (2011) MODFLOW and More 2011 - Integrated Hydrological Modeling, Proceedings, pp. 632 - 636.

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The psychological way is to regard (myths as allegories of) the activities of the soul itself and or the soul's acts of thought.

Differnet The Next CompensationDiffernet The Next CompensationDiffernet The Next CompensationDiffernet The Next Compensation