Tr-909 bass drum

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The second frequently used component of early hardcore tracks is the " hoover ", a patch of the Roland Alpha Juno synthesizer. A hoover is typically a distorted, grainy, sweeping sound which, when played in a low register, can create a dark and brooding bass line. Alternatively, when played at higher pitches, the hoover becomes an aggressive, shrieking lead. Faster early hardcore tracks often apply extremely fast hoover-patterns.

If you are not concerned with real time playing you might be more interested in the simpler programmable models on the market.

Rhythm Ace FR-3S
Released by Multivox, the key difference between this device and the FR-3 was the outputs. The FR-3S had Trig Out, Foot Switch, and Sig Out. It offered the usual balance, volume and tempo controls, alongside a Selector switch for moving between rhythms.

Here’s Korg ‘s second appearance in our article. The Electribe is very popular among users in the music gear world. It’s priced around the middle tier and offers 16 nice quality drum pads, a knob for adjusting oscillation, filter, modulation, AMP/EG and insert FX, and a built-in step sequencer. You also have support for polyphonic playback (best for complex chord progressions), a “motion sequence” function (record knob and button operations), and some decent FX on-board. The synth engine is pretty advanced and that’s what hikes that price up, for a reason of course: It has 409 oscillator waveforms with analog modeling and PCM. You can get super creative with the waveforms, ranging from simple combinations to more complex (dual, unison, sync, ring and cross modulation). The Korg Electribe is just another spin on drum machines but it’s more known for the synth-style customization and implementation.

Samples, meanwhile, can be added via drag 'n' drop and tweaked using the pitch envelope, modulation, distortion, filter and loop editing options.

As electronic pop music started to evolve, drum machines became part of the sound and not a novelty. With more advanced products such as the Roland CR78, artist could program their own rhythm patterns and the electronic rhythms could be heard on more and more pop records.

Oddly, Korg never produced a T-series rack format, but the M1REX can be considered that  - this rack contains the whole 8MB of memory that the T3 has ,and is a cross between M1 and T3, capable of morphing in any of these two fine instruments.

TR-909 Bass DrumTR-909 Bass DrumTR-909 Bass DrumTR-909 Bass Drum