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I got this in my first order (Sep 8) and got the Welcome pack with Cowboy Cooler and decide to get the best vape juice, Murica E-juice. Initially I did not like the flavor because the lemon-lime was overpowering the rest, but Cowboy Cooler was on point. I knew returning the e-juice (Murica) was not an option so in the blog I read about Steep E-juice. After waiting for a month and Vape the Murica again, it was perfectly balanced, the berries and lime were a perfect combination, definitely will get it again. I learned if I wanted to vape right away the best option is to order a pre-steeped bottle or not letting the “aged wine” to run out before ordering new ones. Yesterday I received my second order with Fruity Freeze and Tiger Blood and now the waiting time begins because I forgot to order the pre-steep. The best part is VW Team always send samples with each order.


The Region 6 prairie dog abundance objectives outlined in the plan call for managing prairie dog acreage in a range from 30,500 acres to 41,400 acres. The distribution objectives call for three different types of prairie dog colonies.

On 8/2/14 at 4:23pm:
A reunion celebrating the 50 years since our graduation is being planned. To get on the email list for information, please send an email to [email protected] .

We strongly suggest you review any hyaluronic acid products you may use on yourself or others. Make sure the formulator didn’t fall prey to marketing materials from one of those too-clever-by-half ingredients manufacturers who make up a good story but haven’t a clue about the real science. Caveat emptor!

The grow room must also be airtight because you don’t want the strong stench of marijuana to be getting out of your grow room. It could easily reach your neighbors, regardless of what your living situation is. The only air escaping should be going through a carbon filter.

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Your feet need proper arch support and good cushioning in order for the injured foot to heal. As I learned years ago, going barefoot or wearing the wrong shoe for the activity can slow down improvement by weeks or months.

The  5050  package is .5″ x .5″ and is used for High Brightness, Bi-color, and RGB LEDs and I personally love it!  The footprint is a square and the package will generally have 6 leads that get soldered to the board.