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To find your preferred handle height, stand up straight with your shoes on and ask a family member or friend to measure from the ground up to your wrists, with your arms in a position that feels comfortable.

A little less angle than the Winter Agent, the Courier rides slightly higher. Most other holsters have only a partial body shield. Ours has a full body shield to cushion the hammer and grip safety from poking into your side and is comfortable to wear in stake outs or extended sitting. Unlined, with edge groove and no accent panel ~ $. Leather accent panel adds $10. With one line of edge stamping on attached panel add $10. With special “knurled” hand tooling on attached panel add $20. With full coverage like basket weave or flowers & vines on attached panel add $25. For lining add $40. Exotic skins applied as panel add $25. Single and double clip pouches available. Patterns are ready for Colt 1911 all barrel lengths, most Glocks, Most Sigs, Beretta 92, Browning HP, and many other semi-autos and revolvers.

In the early 21st century, Beckton burgeons south and further east, towards Gallions Reach, being an essential part of the Thames Gateway . "Gallions Hotel", part of the Furlong City development by the lock that links the Royal Docks to the Thames, was formerly a rail terminus which connected with passenger ships leaving for all parts of the British Empire . Many colonial officials and their families spent their last night in Britain in the Gallions Hotel, which was mentioned by Rudyard Kipling in his novel, The Light That Failed .

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And no sarcasm from me, dull, isn't it...
Never mind, wait until about volume 22, they start putting bad late period Julian Cope in.
I'll be in spitting mode by that point, I promise.

Spirit of Independents (Indie Top 20 Volume 5)
CD, Cassette, LP

(Nov 1988)
2xLP (UK) 1988  Beechwood Music TT05
CD (UK) 1988 Beechwood Music TT05CD
MC (UK) 1988 Beechwood Music TT05MC

1. Something Nice - ROBERT LLOYD
2. Silk Skin Paws - WIRE
3. Dreams Never End - NEW ORDER
4. Blind Box - KING BLANK
5. Mayfair - QUIREBOYS
6. Cat House - DANIELLE DAX
7. She's Lost Control - JOY DIVISION
8. Collision - LOOP
9. Church Of No Return - CHRISTIAN DEATH
12. Jesus Loves Amerika - THE SHAMEN
13. Son Of Nothing - WOLFHOUNDS
14. Solace - SEA URCHINS
15. Dying For It - VASELINES
16. Shame On You - DARLING BUDS
17. Bringing Up A Baby - TALULAH GOSH
19. I'm In Love With A Girl... - ANOTHER SUNNY DAY
20. Love Will Tear Us Apart - SWANS

Although I could get an early start in here, yes, alright we've got Loop, The Vaselines (prized by Nirvana), New Order, Swans (covering Joy Division!) and Wire, but, honestly, Christian Death? Must we?
And the Quireboys? Why, for goodness sake....

All would be lost, but thank god, Pop Will Eat Itself wade in with the great "Def Con One".
No, really.

Ok, I meant Joy Division.

A proposed £35m replacement the SnowWorld indoor centre to be built on the site has run into financial problems. [11] It has since been acquired for development as a hotel. [12]

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