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Sure, you can get free drinks if you’re gambling… but is it really “free” when you just keep pumping quarters into that slot machine? Think of these fabulous cocktail bars as a way to save money!  

As of right now, the Brooklyn Nets (3-6) and Chicago Bulls (2-5) are among the bottom three teams in the Eastern Conference. The Phoenix Suns (4-5) are amongst the bottom five in an already competitive Western Conference. Whether or not one of these NBA teams makes a move to add Jahlil Okafor to their already struggling lineup remains to be seen, but it seems more likely that teams could wait things out for the 2018 NBA Draft.

Last year, we recorded an episode with Gilbert Gottfried & saved it for a rainy day. Then we forgot all about it. We found it just in time for the release of his new documentary, Gilbert: A Gilbert Gottfried Story .

He would say later that, in his despair, he flirted with hard drugs while there, but that would have been only a momentary aberration as Linda, Mull and Mother Nature, in all the kindness of her sometimes inclement weather on the Mull, set about healing him.

"And if it won’t cause instability, it’s probably not likely to be tough enough to cause Kim Jong-un to rethink his strategy and priorities," said Glaser, who said that 85% of North Korea's external trade is with China .

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I’ll be playing Dishonored: Death of the Outsider , which we started today on Kotaku ’s Facebook page . (Spoilers: guys get mad when you jump on them. Maybe don’t jump on them a whole bunch.) It’s pretty cool so far, and I’m psyched to see more of it. Look for my thoughts on it early next week!

Joel Mull The InsiderJoel Mull The Insider