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This daily practice is a way that I stay centered, grateful, and filled up with love and attention, so I can open myself to whatever the day brings with the thick padding of self-love in place.

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Usage Note: The traditional pronunciation of exquisite has stress on the first syllable (ĕk′skwĭ-zĭt), rhyming roughly with requisite . Although the pronunciation with stress on the second syllable—(ĭk-skwĭz′ĭt), rhyming roughly with exhibit —is newer, it was preferred by 64 percent of the Usage Panel in the 2011 survey.

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The Exquisite Delight Of Being - CastleThe Exquisite Delight Of Being - CastleThe Exquisite Delight Of Being - CastleThe Exquisite Delight Of Being - Castle