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Biddy Biddy Bung Bung. This place is worth the wait. However, getting served in a caribbean restaurant is like traveling in space and by the time you get back to earth you've lost many of years. Your family is much older if not dead, a guy named Trump has become president and sneakers lace themselves. But getting that $ jerk chicken with a side of cabbage and Mac n Cheese will send you back to that '92 Carnival cruise ship singing "Feeling Hot Hot Hot!" The line is always long and the chicken is just ok. The prices are high and customer service is practically non existent. If you want a crowded, loud, basic jerk chicken experience. This is your place! I had an overall good experience here. The food is filling me. There was a line when I came in and was served relatively quickly. We bought 2 x small jerk chicken plates and 1 veggie platter at Exquisite Delight. It was so much food!!! I was very impressed with the whole dish and want to try their breakfast soon, as other people have been raving about that, too. This place has the best beef soup on Saturdays. Feel like I'm at my grandma house back in Jamaica omg so good. I know most people start their reviews about the jerk chicken which it is one of the best in Flatbush if not Brooklyn but also try their salmon which is also very popular and very tasty and their fried fish. I been here so many times and didn't write a review but it's cuz the food is so good I just grab it and run home and eat it lol. Only been here once but that is quickly going to change! I had the macaroni and cheese, bbq chicken, plantain and veggies and I was licking my fingers the entire time! Well seasoned without being too salty or peppery. Its really a small place so sitting down and eating is impossible but it is an express so that is to be expected. I see the line can get quite hectic in there around busy traffic hours but then again that area is always buzzing with people so there's always a line but like I said earlier its worth the wait time. The jerk chicken is also great! They offer an array of Caribbean foods such as esvovitch fish, oxtail, stew chicken, rice and peas etc..... price point is not bad either. Definitely trying something different next time im in that area and want to buy food. I'm a regular customer and to my dismay, the short & skinny rude man was working behind the counter today. (I tend to avoid the restaurant when I see him b/c he is super rude.) I was really craving their jerk chicken so I sucked it up and went in. I ordered the following from the MENU: 1/4 jerk chicken ($6) and side of plaintains ($3). When I placed my order with him, he said I couldn't order the plaintains as a side b/c they need to have some to put in every plate. What?! He proceeded to explain that they'll only sell it as a side if there's excess. Huh?! So I asked why was it on the menu. He didn't answer me, but repeated that they only sell it as a side when they have it in excess. I asked him who is the owner and he said he is. LOL So unfortunate. Now that I know he is the owner, I don't know if I want to continue supporting him and his business even though the rest of the staff is cool and the food is good. The owner acts like a jerk. (Pun intended) I was not ordering off of a secret menu or making a special request. Why promote something on your menu that you have in stock and refuse to sell it to the customer that's ordering it off of the menu? The Best Carribean Food in Brooklyn. I take the bus and the train from Queens just to get some Oxtails. I LOVE this Restaurant! It's never empty and always a long line but worth the wait every time! They also don't skimp you on the portions. Honestly, we've tried a bunch of places for jerk. A lot of places really. And we've gotten jerk that ranged from meh to pretty good. And then one day I was driving by this place and saw the line outside, so, of course, we had to add this place as a try. So glad we did! The wait was long. Ridiculously long. It takes a few minutes to even get your order in. Then once it's in, expect to wait another 20 minutes for your meal. It will basically take you 30 minutes each and every time, so don't go in hangry. Also, this place is a takeout place so don't expect any ambiance whatsoever. Instead, expect chicken that's skillfully cooked over a fire, along with a complementary sauce that will blow your mind. The best jerk chicken in NYC, IMO. Pile on any of the sides. You won't regret it. The rice and accompanying cabbage are really good. So is their veggie pattie. Probably my favorite pattie ever. Bottom line? If you're looking for amazing jerk chicken and aren't waiting until your hunger will make you explode, this is the place. Tried this place out of the numerous places in the area because of the good reviews and it was right next to the train. Purchased the lunch combo. The chicken was ok, although there are tastier options in the neighborhood. Also get the chicken separate and the side separate you get more for your buck. Customer service is HORRIBLE. This is not the first time I have experienced bad customer service from them. But this morning I was done. If you look up at the menu it gives the price of the food. So prior to ordering I knew how much I would spend. I asked for cabbage and salt fish with no bake. She asked me three times what I wanted after i already said it to her which meant she wasn't listening. she comes to make the food and brings bake to put the cabbage and fish on. So I said twice again no bake please. So she packs the food and tells me its $6. I looked up on the menu and it didn't say that and I said that to her she ignored me took the food back and called next. Not only that but they have roaches I saw one crawling by the hot food. So I just left. I don't want roach invested food anyway. I will never go in there again and spend my hard earned money I don't care what the amount is. Its sad because the food actually isn't bad but their attitudes and customer service is horrible. Food is amazing. Service not so much; hence the four stars. Macaroni salad is my go to, think it's made with Manna from Heaven. Have patience it can take a while for your food but soooooooo worth it. Whenever I want so true Jerk Chicken, I sure make a stop here even if I have to wait on a line!!!! Top Notch. The best jerk chicken in all of Flatbush and not too far from my job either. Love it It had been well over a decade since I was last in this area of Brooklyn near Brooklyn College. I remembered the area mostly being smaller shops with some chain restaurants. This still holds true for the most part (though now there's Target and Starbucks). When time came for lunch, I knew I didn't want McDonalds or something I could get anywhere. I wanted something local. After using the handy dandy Yelp app, "Exquisite Delight" popped up as a choice place to eat in the area. As soon as I saw the storefront, I knew this was going to be the culinary experience I had hoped for. Was it fancy? Absolutely not. The storefront has seen better days and the interior has a worn, but well kept appearance. You see, this place doesn't focus on having a fancy interior. Instead it focuses on having amazing food. Here's what I tried: BAKED CHICKEN A simple, seasoned, baked chicken - yet absolutely delicious. It was seasoned very well, but not overly salty. The meat was cooked perfectly, tender and juicy with no pink showing. CHICKEN STEW I was surprised that a chicken stew had moist chicken. That sounds contradictory, but generally when chicken sits in liquids long enough it takes on a particular texture I'm not too fond of. No such worries here. The chicken also had a wonderful kick to it that the hot sauce lover in me really enjoyed. JERK CHICKEN I had this to go and reheated it later for dinner and it was some of the best jerk chicken I've ever had. Sometimes jerk chicken can suffer from an imbalance of seasonings or simply be overwhelming. No such worries here, and even after a reheating the meat was still nice and tender. LO MEIN The stir fry of egg noodles and vegetables was simple, yet tasty. When you order a side like this, they offer to put a sauce on top (I just used the sauce from my chicken stew). And can we talk about price? Because it was insane. Not that this is an expensive area, but for less than what a midtown Manhattan lunch costs you can stuff yourself silly and literally still be full hours later. The portions were more than generous and I was very happy with how much food was given. The staff was really cool and friendly. They took their time with each customer, making sure you got what you wanted as you ordered and they didn't skimp on well, anything (meat, sauce, sides etc.). I'd go back to Exquisite Delight any day for lunch or dinner. Definitely check it out if you're in the area! The food here is fantastic but the customer service sucks. I went here today 10/23/16 at 12:00pm for lunch and ordered a large jerk chicken with cabbage, rice and peas. When the lady put my plate on the counter, there was only jerk chicken, rice and peas. I asked "where was the cabbage?" and she replied, "it's not ready yet". So then I asked for either a substitute side item or a discount. She replied and said "I have to pay full price even without the cabbage age and there's no substitute." Newsflash people, you cannot charge full price for something when it's not available. If you insist on charging full price the there should be substitutions in place if the advertised item is not available. I really hate that their customer service is awful because I really love their food. I'm always in search of good Caribbean food and with /5 stars on Yelp I couldn't help but to check this place out. When I arrived it felt like a mad house!! The restaurant was crowded but it was well organized. You place your order with the cashier and wait for your number to be called. Once called the lady will let you add any sauces to your dish. Whether it be jerk seasoning, pineapple mango, bbq or hot sauce. When you're done adding, she will then pack it up and your order is good to go. I ended up ordering their oxtail plate ($11 for small and $13 for large) that came with rice and beans and a side of cabbage. The dish was good, I hate to say that I had better before. The seasoning was good but it just didn't hit the spot for me and I also didn't know how much sodium was added to the oxtail. I also ordered their jerk chicken and although it was good, it didn't taste like it had enough jerk flavoring. I do like the fact that the chicken was grilled and how juicy the meat was but somehow it lacked that punch that I was looking for. If I was around this area and someone suggested to eat here, I would say, "sure why not". However if you ask me would I want to travel back here, the answer is probably not. Horrible service, even when it wasn't busy. Asked for a lunch combo, and the guy working said it's not available even though they had all the sides and chicken ready. Not sure why he responded so rudely. Amazing food and service. Salivating as I am writing this. Fresh! My favorites: oxtail stew, fried fish, jerk chicken, soup (any and all), plantains, kale salad. The mac and cheese is to die for. Love this place. Looking forward to my next meal here. You guys rock and thank you!! AMAZING FOOD...Horrible Service. I've been coming here for years now (8 yrs to be exact) and haven't found a more delicious chicken meal in Brooklyn! These people know exactly what they're doing BUT! I've also never experienced worse service in a restaurant. More often than not, they've got some disgruntled rude man taking the order, rolling his eyes at you or just moving slower than molasses. I'll admit I've become accustomed to the poor treatment here and have stuck it out because the food is soooo delish, but Jeez, these guys lay the attitude on thick. So food- Hell yes! Service and being talked to like a child- Hell no Exquisite Delight Claimed This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative.

Zini's is a MODERN ITALIAN restaurant nestled 1 mile from Bantam Lake and 3 miles from the Litchfield Green. This rustic but cozy restaurant with interior stone walls specializes in creative interpretations of Italian classic cuisine. Since opening in 1998, Zini's has built a reputation for mouth-watering cuisine. Come enjoy dining with us; we delight in having you as our guests.

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The Exquisite Delight Of Being My SunThe Exquisite Delight Of Being My SunThe Exquisite Delight Of Being My SunThe Exquisite Delight Of Being My Sun