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Mary Shelley's 1818 novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, and the famous character of Frankenstein's monster , have influenced popular culture for at least a ...

But there's one authority figure movies don't often touch: schoolteachers. Most teachers in movies are inspiring and life-changing. At worst, they're boring sticks in the mud, and they're rarely villains. Yet schoolteachers abuse an estimated 10 percent of K-12 students in some way , ranging from verbal taunts to sexual assault. While it's by no means the same thing, that's in the same ballpark as the 7 percent of Catholic priests who have molested children . Authorities arrested nearly 500 teachers for misconduct in 2015 alone.

Nesquik chocolate syrup was introduced in 1981. Strawberry was added in 1989. Mixed flavours such as Strawberry Banana and Chocolate Caramel have also been produced.

In 1959, Hammer shot a half-hour pilot episode for a TV series to be called Tales of Frankenstein , in association with Columbia Pictures. Anton Diffring played the Baron, and Don Megowan his creation. Curt Siodmak directed. The series was scrapped, largely because of the two companies's disagreement over what the basic thrust of the series would be. Hammer wanted to do a series about Baron Frankenstein involved in various misadventures, while Columbia wanted a series of science fiction stories loosely based around the idea of science gone wrong. Though unshown at the time of its production, the episode is available on DVD from several sources.

Various Monster Mix 05Various Monster Mix 05Various Monster Mix 05Various Monster Mix 05