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wow! I am rather old and was in the middle of three wars, lived in 10 countries as a refugee and did innumerable brain operations. As a small boy I believed that I was essential life matter from Mars sent through pace into the ovum of a woman. No one has proved me wrong but so what? Well, I listened to this broadcast twice. I can't remember if it's just a glue-together of an old one about Ms. Druyan's love story with Carl Sagan or a recent one. But if going to space is going to be a matter of "entrepreneurs"-- a French word meaning: TAKER IN THE MIDDLE-- then chances of getting out in space-for-profit are as good as Bernie Sanders winning the Presidency in 2016.

Illinois has a reputation of passing strict data privacy legislation . The state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act prohibits tech companies from using biometric identifiers—like face scans and fingerprints—without consent. Their Right To Know Act—which passed in May, but was put on hold—requires companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google to disclose what data has been collected from consumers and shared with third parties.

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Trump returned to rambling thoughts on how Mexico was “one of the highest crime Nations in the world” and how it would pay for his dumb border wall , and theorized he might just terminate NAFTA if renegotiation continues to be “very difficult.” Then he continued to appreciate, slack-jawed, how much damage Harvey was doing.

To this day the . Air Force has remained at the forefront of pushing farther into space, from launching communications and Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites to providing astronaut Airmen who first ventured into Earth orbit during Project Mercury, walked on the Moon during Project Apollo to Col. Jack D. Fischer currently aboard the International Space Station.

Proxima - Secret Lab / Common GatewayProxima - Secret Lab / Common GatewayProxima - Secret Lab / Common GatewayProxima - Secret Lab / Common Gateway