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Pn = Maximum noise power output of a resistor.
K = Boltzmann’s constant = x10-23 joules I Kelvin.
T = Absolute temperature.
B = Bandwidth over which noise is measured.

Another method of helping your dog overcome his fear is to slowly and gradually accustom him to the noises that frighten him. This can be done by making a recording of the sounds and playing it back to the dog while he is enjoying everyday life and activities. Many music stores have soundtracks of fireworks, thunder storms and rain that you can purchase. Start by playing it back at such a low volume that you can barely hear it, but the dog's keen hearing will. The dog should show no signs of fear at this volume. Gradually, over the course of weeks or months, increase the volume by tiny increments. The volume is increased so slowly that the dog hardly notices the change. Eventually he will be used to hearing the sounds at full force. If at any time, your dog shows signs of fear, decrease the volume again and proceed a little more slowly. This procedure will work more quickly if you combine it with distraction training.

But if you find yourself saying “my car makes a noise” then use our noise database to spot the problem and get your car serviced.

Western Digital 200GB desktop drive with bad preamplifier chip (located on the headstack) clicks a few times, spins down.

Hi,I have had this thumping in my ear for over a year now and I can to this page for help or to know what it the problem is

Various - NoisesVarious - NoisesVarious - NoisesVarious - Noises