Peggy march - happy end im hofbräuhaus / in der carnaby street

I grew up in Tyro NC, outside of Lexington. My grandmother made these, without flour and bacon grease. No onions and whole milk. She called them Irish Potatoes. This took me back 50 years at least. Thanks so much for sharing!

Willie is a man of “about sixty”. [1] In marked contrast to Winnie's loquacity , [8] the henpecked Willie is laconic [9] to a fault. In the whole of the second act Willie utters only one, barely audible monosyllabic word. Much of his dialogue consists of him reading notices from his paper; his responses to Winnie – when he can be bothered to respond at all – are terse and barely communicative. He functions mainly as something for her to talk at – being used as a stooge by the old music hall pro that Winnie is – "just to know that in theory you can hear me though in fact you don't is all I need." [1]

Due to financial difficulty, Jackson resigned his seat and returned to Nashville, becoming a circuit court judge in 1799 and, at the same time, running a law practice. He also had several business ventures, including general stores and a whiskey distillery at his plantation northeast of the city, which was worked by about 15 slaves. Jackson took many buying trips to stock his stores, traveling to major cities like New Orleans, New York, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. In 1802, Jackson was elected a major general by the Tennessee militia.

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… and woman’s too. Cummins’ most frightening moment in Gun Crazy is not during the scenes where she manipulates Barton sexually and emotionally, or when she suddenly pulls a gun out on some unsuspecting citizen. Her most frightening moment is the chilly look she gives to Bart’s sister, while the duo is hiding out at the sister’s house. The sister is a harried mother of three, with a mostly-absent husband, and she loves her brother. She is willing to let them stay with her for a night, but that situation quickly goes south. It is too dangerous. Too many people know they are there. Cummins walks into that small domestic scene, looks down at the kids with an expression entirely lacking in warmth, and immediately starts to size up what she needs to do to get out of there alive. The key is keeping the sister in her cross-hairs at all times. The cross-hairs of her eyes. She stands in the kitchen, filing her nails, but she never looks down at her hands. Her eyes remain trained on Bart’s sister. Finally, Bart’s sister can no longer take it, and says, “Why are you looking at me like that??” Flatly, Cummins tosses the nail file down and says, “To make sure you won’t go to the phone.” This is a dame who is crazy about guns. She can hit a moving target from out of a moving car. But she doesn’t need to point a gun at the sister to keep her in line. All she has to do is look . That look is deadlier than any pistol.

4.  Set your sewing machine to the triple stitch  (#5 on my machine).   This will ensure that the strips are securely sewn to the towel.

Peggy March - Happy End Im Hofbräuhaus / In Der Carnaby StreetPeggy March - Happy End Im Hofbräuhaus / In Der Carnaby StreetPeggy March - Happy End Im Hofbräuhaus / In Der Carnaby StreetPeggy March - Happy End Im Hofbräuhaus / In Der Carnaby Street