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In 2008, there was a revival at the Chichester Festival Theatre , England, starring Brian Conley as Hill and Scarlett Strallen as Marian. [12] [13]

Smekkleysa’s house band, The Sugarcubes, embodied the label’s spirit, replacing Kukl’s abrasive art terrorism with sly détournement. They were a “a pop band, a living cliche!” as Einar Örn put it. They dated their formation to the birth of Björk and Þor’s son Sindri, but the band would outlast the marriage, and, as it turned out, all expectations. Their first single – the undulating, bewitching ’Birthday’ – was seized on by Melody Maker ’s Chris Roberts and made a single of the week, the start of a success as unexpected as that of the Reagan/Gorbachev postcard. Their debut album was colourful and bright everywhere that The Eye had been dark and forbidding: tracks like ‘Motorcrash’ embraced jangly indie pop and faux-naive lyrics. Yet there was a danger underneath the Day-Glo; on ‘Birthday’, they allowed themselves to be beautiful, but also to be play troublingly with taboos: “It’s a story about a love affair between a five-year-old girl, a secret, and a man who lives next door,” Björk revealed. “It’s like huge men, about fifty or so, affect little girls very erotically but nothing happens… nothing is done, just this very strong feeling. I picked on this subject to show that anything can affect you erotically: material, a tree, anything.” In ‘Mama’, the screams of the Kukl era are buried, only just audible, leaving a lingering sense of disease that undercuts the the lyrics’ yearning for primal comfort: “Give me a big mother, one that would always want me/ Hot embracing mother, I can crawl upon and cling to”.

With her latest, multivalent ECM New Series album, Meredith aims to address ecology and climate change, through intricate and layered, yet transparent sonic landscapes.

Meredith Monk Songs From The Hill / TabletMeredith Monk Songs From The Hill / TabletMeredith Monk Songs From The Hill / TabletMeredith Monk Songs From The Hill / Tablet