Ripe - galaxies and stars

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Aside from incredibly bright supernovae, the scientists proposed it could be an entirely new kind of tidal disruption event—an event where a black hole eats a star. Perhaps the high-density environments surrounding supermassive black holes can create the ripe conditions for different kinds of explosions.

We know less, though, about how a long voyage inside a cramped metal box would affect crew health and morale. Extended time in space under essentially zero gravity has adverse effects, including loss of bone density and muscle strength , which astronauts experienced after months aboard the International Space Station ( ISS ).

Astronomers have now searched in detail for black holes in about 100 galaxies. In essentially every case that they had the sensitivity to detect it, they did find evidence for a supermassive black hole in the center. As far as we can tell, essentially every large galaxy with a significant bulge (., ellipticals and most spirals) hosts a black hole. Our Milky Way, with a black hole of a mere 4 million solar masses, is a relative wimp; the most massive black holes among the nearby galaxies are several billion times more massive than the Sun (as we saw for M87). Moreover, the larger the elliptical galaxy (or the bulge of the spiral galaxy), the more massive the black hole will be; the mass of the black hole is typically about 1/500 of the mass of the bulge of stars in which it sits.

Researchers are witnessing a distant heavy-element factory synthesizing "maybe hundreds of Earth masses' [worth] of gold and … maybe 500 Earth masses' worth of platinum," theoretical astrophysicist Daniel Kasen, of the University of California, Berkeley, said in a new video . 

Ripe - Galaxies And StarsRipe - Galaxies And StarsRipe - Galaxies And StarsRipe - Galaxies And Stars