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An unnatural base pair (UBP) is a designed subunit (or nucleobase ) of DNA which is created in a laboratory and does not occur in nature. DNA sequences have been described which use newly created nucleobases to form a third base pair, in addition to the two base pairs found in nature, A-T ( adenine – thymine ) and G-C ( guanine – cytosine ). A few research groups have been searching for a third base pair for DNA, including teams led by Steven A. Benner , Philippe Marliere , Floyd Romesberg and Ichiro Hirao . [9] Some new base pairs have been reported. [10] [11] [12]

Little is known about what exactly causes one to be knocked unconscious, but many agree it is related to trauma to the brain stem. This usually happens when the head rotates sharply, often as a result of a strike. There are three general manifestations of such trauma:

Cali Carter - Roommate Wrestling
Cali is a huge wrestling fan but her roommate Lucas thinks it’s totally fake. After some trash talking, she decides to show him that there’s nothing fake about her moves. Unfortunately, he’s got that pesky physical strength thing happening and ends up winning their wrestling match. She may have a boyfriend but she’d never tap out on a good dicking.

The brackets below are single-elimination brackets. If you need a single-elimination bracket smaller than 33 people/teams, just use one of the ones above and ignore the losers bracket.

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