Dj linus summer in the city

— I’m disappointed. Club culture has never mutated into a meaningful social movement other than a vehicle for staying out late and getting high. Millions and millions of young people gather at places, yet it has never become a political movement. It was always about forgetting, and it’s sad, because I saw the roots of it, the freely accessible and open-minded parties of the early nineties that were later criminalized [in the UK]. I really feel saddened that club culture never spoke up for more than anything other than itself.

from the album Icona Pop · Copyright: Writer(s): Patrick Berger, Linus Eklow, Charlotte Aitchison Lyrics Terms of Use

Les Points besteht aus Audino, Barbir, Louh und Nicola Kazimir. Schon bald sieben Jahre sind sie Residents in der Zukunft und zeichnen sich damit aus, ihren Stil von ...

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DJ Linus Summer In The CityDJ Linus Summer In The CityDJ Linus Summer In The CityDJ Linus Summer In The City