Various we rise above

Arbitrage has been controversial due to the potential for conflict of interest when an agency acts as both buyer and seller. Advertisers also like the more transparent model because it enables them to benchmark costs and fees against other providers, and possibly “squeeze agencies on fees,” said Mr. Wieser.

"upward movement," 1570s, from rise (v.). Meaning "a piece of rising ground" is from 1630s. Meaning "spring, source, origin, beginning" is from 1620s. Phrase to get a rise out of (someone) (1829) is a metaphor from angling (1650s).

There are about 10,000 Lokono living primarily in the coastal areas of Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana, and many more Lokono descendants throughout the region. Unlike many indigenous groups in South America, the Lokono population is growing. [13]

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The SMH published the details on the unfortunate delay in the banning of plastic bags on a National scale. We will continue to support the outcome of the ban. In the meantime please support, encourage and lead the drive to avoid using plastic bags, something as simple as taking your own re-usable material bag with you grocery shopping each time makes a difference. 

The infographic below, based on IPCC data, depicts the likely consequences of various emissions pathways ranging from a low-carbon future to a fossil fuel-intensive one. Alongside each pathway, known as a “Representation Concentration Pathway,” we show what the future might hold in terms of climate impacts – ranging from temperature increases to precipitation changes to ecosystem degradation. The bottom line is that it’s still possible to limit global temperature rise to 2°C, thus preventing some of the more disastrous consequences of climate change—but it will require ambitious cuts to global greenhouse gas emissions.

Once filled with air, Dr. Bussey enters the basket and lights the burners. At his command a 25 foot long flame leaps from the burners heating the air inside the balloon’s envelope. Everyone knows that hot air rises, so as the air inside the envelope is heated the balloon gently lifts itself upright.

Various We Rise AboveVarious We Rise AboveVarious We Rise AboveVarious We Rise Above