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Jupiter in Scorpio expands everything, linking with watery Neptune in the first of three meetings that boost intuition and imagination. Jupiter and Neptune will confuse and disappoint us if we spend our time just trying to make easy money, or pin our hopes on some devious, charismatic trickster.

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There is almost too much to love about Candyman. Philip Glass’s original score, with its gothic, funhouse-esque organ, helps elevate the story’s mythic nature. The pacing is deliberate, with exactly the right amount of jump-scares and shockingly gory visuals in just the right places, and some of them downright unexpected: Were any of us anticipating that the real Candyman would actually show up in the institution once Helen calls him to prove her sanity? Then there’s the story itself, which achieves an impressive balancing act between classic and inventive. It’s a slasher, but without the token knife-fodder, and Helen as the “final girl” transcends the stereotype to become a monster in her own right. Much of this originality has to be attributed to Clive Barker (producer and writer of the short story “The Forbidden,” which inspired Rose’s screenplay), whose signature is seen in the seductive, supernatural violence of the titular killer as well as the inversion of typical female stereotypes seen in most horror films.

The super-ego was the name that Freud gave to what he called ‘the moral principle’. This roughly corresponds to the ‘conscience’ that Freud believed had a social origin. Freud lived in a sexually restricted age so it was natural for him to conclude that the super-ego (conscience) would be in continual conflict with the id (instinctive sexual desires). The super-ego lived in a state of constant tension trying to control the irrational sexual demands of the id. Between these two opposites sat the conscious self acting as a referee between the rival claims of these two unconscious forces. Freud called this the ‘reality principle’ and named it the ego. According to Freud, everyone is to some degree neurotic because the ego will never be able to satisfy the demands of both the id and the super-ego.

Fact: the Punisher has an unnatural ability to endure pain, suffering and getting shot in the head. While we’re not talking Luke Cage durability, Frank Castle gets beaten within an inch of his life on the regular and always bounces back with in a way that can only be called super. A power drill through the foot? No problem. Being beat to a pulp by Barracuda? More please. Getting shot through the chest by Eminem? Just another day.

One Day Diary TelepathyOne Day Diary TelepathyOne Day Diary TelepathyOne Day Diary Telepathy